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BLOG : 'Kaiser' Guardiola
'Kaiser' Guardiola
Posted by: Mark Finlay
Mon, 21 Jan 2013 08:18:00 GMT 

No one was more surprised than me when Pep Guardiola announced that he would be taking over the reins at Bayern Munich next summer.

Well when I say no one perhaps there is one man who was more surprised than me, and that is Chelsea owner Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich who probably had Pep lined up for the job at Stamford Bridge.

I was so sure that after all the backroom moves that have been taking place these last six months that Guardiola would be on his way to the Etihad to turn the Eastland’s team into another all-conquering Barcelona.

I had visions of Pep there on the sidelines wearing his familiar black suit and skinny tie as he shouted instructions to the likes of Luis Suarez and the other world class players he would have brought in over the summer to ensure that the Qatari owned club would win the Champions League.

Yet while everyone and especially the British tabloids were sure that Guardiola would be coming to the Premiership for what I would have thought to have been a lot more money than Bayern Munich would have been willing to pay he goes and surprises everyone by going to Bayern Munich.

Many of the pundits are calling this a soft option for the former Barca man, and while I conceive it as being that also there are other considerations to take into account such as being at the whim of a billionaire manager who could fire you just as he did to Roberto Di Matteo the manager that won the Champions League for Chelsea.

At Manchester City he would have been forced to sell some of their prima donnas and bring in his own players to create the type of team that plays the style of football that we all pay so much money to watch week-in-week-out.

No! Both of the big spending clubs would come with not only problems, but a lot of pressure for the 41-year-old Spaniard so instead he chose Bayern Munich I think primarily for the clubs stability playing in the Bundesliga a much more relaxed League where they only play 34 matches a season while also having a month long winter break.

You could also say that Guardiola is catching a team, and a league on the way up reaping the rewards of solid financial management these last ten years since Borussia Dortmund’s melt down he also will inherit one of the most modern and best stadiums in Europe in the Allianz arena with a capacity of 71,000.

More importantly for everyone and also for Guardiola decision to go to Bayern Munich was a ready-made team capable of winning the Champions League his first season in charge, when you see the players you know he probably made the right decision.

Manuel Neuer, Philipp Lahm, Franck Ribery, Javi Martinez, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Mario Mandzukic, Mario Gomez and Arjen Robben.

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