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Alex Backer
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Lionel Messi, Argentina Football,
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Soccer, Rugby
December 1, 1972
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Buenos Aires
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Leo Messi

2/24/2013 New story was added
La Liga
FC Barcelona - Sevilla 2:1 (Villa 52', Messi 60' - Botia 42')

Leo Messi

2/23/2013 New video has been uploaded AC Milan vs Barcelona 2-0 2013 All Goals

Leo Messi

2/23/2013 New story was added
Champions League
AC Milan - FC Barcelona 2:0 (Boateng 57, Muntari 81)

Leo Messi

1/7/2013 New video has been uploaded Barcelona vs Español 4:0

Leo Messi

1/7/2013 New video has been uploaded Valladolid vs Barcelona 1:3

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