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Gino Vangsness
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November 28, 1981
Home Town:
San Francisco
Current Town:
San Francisco
organic clothin, gift, shop, boutique, fashion, apparel
About me:
Our company began over 50 years ago when we were given the opportunity to open a gift shop boutique at Salt Lake City Airport under our parent company ATG, a family venture out of Salt Lake City, Utah. As the years went by, the operation grew and more family members joined the team. During our time in airport retail we successfully introduced and sold women’s fashion apparel, jewelry, and accessories. But we also wanted to contribute to a greater good and remind people how fragile our planet is and that lifestyle choices can be environmentally and socially responsible. We decided to open a successful store, Your Planet, committed completely to products that were recycled, natural, organic, educational, or socially responsible. Enjoy Karma 115 Sansome Street Suite 400 San Francisco CA 94104 phone: 8018789380 web: http://www.enjoykarma.com


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