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Orange Park
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NextGen Repairs of Orange Park, FL is a gadget repair shop that provides excellent repair service. We fix all of your favorite devices such as iPhone, iPad and Galaxies. We aim to assist by giving a fast, quality repair service in Orange Park. We assure a high-quality repair with quick turnaround. If you're unsure of your gadget's problem, please do not hesitate to contact us and we are glad to answer all of your queries. At NextGen Repairs, you can rely on our Orange Park computer and phone repair service and be confident that you are dealing with experts who will help you fix your device. Visit us: NextGen Repairs in Orange Park, FL 1532 Kingsley Ave #102b Orange Park, FL 32073 (904) 549-6899 https://www.nextgenrepairsjacksonville.com/tablet-repair-orange-park-fl/


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